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4.00000000 GPA, YEAH!


Never stop running Samus. Ever.

Until the next comic. Then you might be safe. You DO have a plan, don't you? I mean... a pack of 400 Metroids chasing you isn't something to sneeze at.

So WOW, lots of updates to talk about. Or rather, just a few major ones. It seems like a lot. I could prattle, to be honest. Let's see how this missive goes.

So I graduated from college, WOOOOOH! Got a 4.0 GPA (meaning a total average grade above 93%, so that's all kinds of awesome. I was on the student council too, which is nice as well. I got to organize some events for the other students, and generally work towards making it a better, more fun place. I kinda wish that I had been in school longer for this, so that I could have done more.

See some pics from it here, here, and here ^_^

I've applied to a few places now, and may be able to work for a private individual already. I've got my next several places lined up to apply, mainly hospice facility / palliative care positions. I want to work in caring for the dying because they're the ones who need the most attention, the most compassion. I want to be the girl that wakes them up in the morning and gets them that first cup of tea. The one that makes them smile, and hugs them when they're down. I'll get to know the family who visit, and know more about them. It's this that I'm after, and will keep on applying to get into.

That aside, I'm able to work on the comic more now that college is finished, and plan to begin the livestream again soon. There's a few wrinkles to work out with that though that have been stumping me somewhat.

Ok, well a lot of wrinkles, but only one that's really detrimental.

I live in a 5 foot by 10 foot room. Never minding the single-lightbulb lighting, never minding the poor quality of computer camera, I've got a 5 foot by 10 foot space to work with. And the vast majority of it is filled with belongings, because I'm fitting my life into a 5 foot by 10 foot space. I have several boxes downstairs, but the things that I have here are the things that I need to access on a regular basis. Clothing. computer table, one stool, bed (my good old roll-up floor mattress), laundry basket, trash/recycling, filing cabinet, my prayer shrine, my dragons, and a handful of other fun trinkets to liven up the place. Most of those are on shelves at least. But yeah... I have VERY little floor space to work with, so arranging a)my computer b) the external chainmail-view camera and c) myself in a position where I can work is very, very difficult. Like... I'm still trying to wrap my mind around how I can arrange my room so that I can have one iota of space to work with in a reasonable way.

<sigh> it's something that I've got to live with, and work around. Odds are I'll be here for the next few years (very low rent), so I've got to find a way.

I guess part of the problem there as well has been college, and me not being able to make my room as perfectly tidy and organized as I can during studies. Now that I'm finished though... well, as much as it's possible to rearrange anything in this space, I'm going to be working on finding a way of livestreaming in here. I've tried a few different positions and angles to fit myself, but neither can work really.

Y'see, it's *technically* possible to get a decently framed shot without clutter in the background, and room to work, but I would *LITERALLY* have to reorganize my entire room to livestream. As in move most of the furniture, in whatever way I can in this small a space, cram literally everything to one side in order to record, and then reorganize my room nearly from scratch *again* in order to put it to right.

Like... that's just infeasible. It's technically possible... but it's infeasible. So I'll work something out. I like to have my bedroll as a backrest, which eats up like... a foot and a half of space on one side, giving me barely 3 feet in front of me to fit my legs and work on my chainmaille. Never mind the camera, that has to go at an angle. And the external camera to view the chainmaille from above, I'm not even sure how that'll work. I'll need to put a good few hours into just arranging my furniture and testing angles until I can find something that looks halfway decent. It's a challenge, I have to say. So that's been what's been holding that up.

WHEW, anyway... that was a bit of a sad prattle, sorry about that. I should be talking more about the good things happening.

Which would be graduation lol. WOOOH, HEALTH CARE AIDE!

Honestly, there's not much to prattle on about in that direction though. Went to college, got through college, graduated college. Yep. Maybe I'm just not good at prattling on about those things.

It was a bit sad to leave my practicum residents though. I spent about 4 weeks apiece in two seperate wings of the personal care home, and you really get to know the people, get attached to them. You're the one waking them up in the morning, helping them get dressed because they have difficulties with that, help them brush their teeth, take them to the washroom, and even help some of them eat breakfast or lunch. You spend a lot of time with them. So yeah, I hugged all of them on my way out, and had some sad goodbyes on my last day.

It was a happy sad moment, in a way. Not bittersweet, but... happy. I was moving on, graduating from college, and they were proud of me. But I had to say goodbye, and they would have someone different waking them up the next morning. A happy sad. So many smiles from my residents and myself. I'm going to love this career.

Oh, and if you haven't been keeping up with my YouTube channel, I've been singing a short song every single day for over half a year now! Today will mark song 188, which I'll be recording and posting shortly after updating Zebeth. Give me a follow, enjoy some music!

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