The real world

I'm sorry, I can't really think of much to say here at the moment. I had this comic sorta idea rattling around in my head for a while now, finally had the time available, and was all geared up to make the comic. And I did, and it was fun :)

But for all of that buildup (in my mind, anyway), I've got like... nothing for the text under the comic. Just drawing a blank at the moment, really. And here I was all going to try to make more interesting for amusing text for the site. Ah well, everyone has their off-days. Even if my update schedule is mostly unpredictable.

Y'know, I AM kinda still trying here, things just be busy, yo. When I get to about a month with no update, I'm feeling all "aww man, I'm like... letting down the fans (yeah, I kinda like thinking that there's still a few people out there who remember who I am). And then I go and try to ponder things a little bit more, and rattle comic ideas around in my head. I usually don't hit the computer until I have it mostly pieced together in my head, the last frame and a half usually being made on the fly, with a vague idea as to how to end it.

Also, sorry if they've been a bit text-heavy for the past while. Even I get tired when reading them. "Ugh, ANOTHER wall of text? C'mon man. And get some flavour text and effects in there!"

"Yeah, yeah, we'll see if anything pops into mind as I'm making it." I don't really pre-plan any of that, I usually add that as I go, if I feel like the character should be walking over terrain of a specific sort. Usually I just default to boring old "floor of the type that's in the area of the planet I want them to be associated with" type of thing, and maybe shuffle the ground around a bit to make it look like movement has happened. I'm kinda picky about the pixels though... don't know why really.

But, I've prattled on long enough about nothing here. I've got a cat attempting to sleep on my wrist right now, making this quite amusingly frustrating to do.

Oh, right, I've had a few people kinda ask about that. So yeah, sucks that Jack's gone, but Nikita's been keeping me company any time I'm at the computer.

No, seriously, she's become a total suck. Any time I'm at the computer, right between my arms, in front of the keyboard, there's room kinda. So yeah, she's been picking up the slack in kitty cuddlings, and seems to be getting along fine so far.

And now, as I have no good way of signing off,

Yo, Metroid-thingy, got a question for you.
Where are we?
...the livingroom, I guess? I dunno, I never really thought-
NOT that, and you know it.
What happened to Zebeth? Where the hell are we?
Oh, that. Yeah, this is still Zebeth, it's cool.
Then where the hell is the bar?!?
It's still in the emulator, it's cool.
Oh, fine. You were in an emulator in the computer before. Now you're not.
I... what? How long ago did THAT happen? Why? HOW?!? You can't just say THAT!
...But I just did a second ago.
STOP THA-wait. Waitwaitwait.
Sooo... you're waying this is the "real" world.
Uhh, yep.
Where you're a plumber.
Well not yet, bu-
Where you can't teleport away from me.
...uhh... maybe?
Y'don't say.

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
Comics, ideas, Kabutroid, and other custom content owned by KatieLynne Jackson. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't mind all that much if you make content based on my content and stuff. Just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.