The perks

There's far more perks than this as well. I once again don't have much to prattle on about, unless I start telling plumbing stories or something.

Eh, that sounds like it could be fun, let's give it a swing. Ok, so let's talk about that dungeony looking place.

So we were called into this place because their water wasn't working. It turned out to be a big furniture warehouse. Not like big-name, but like... a bizarre, random assortment of furniture and other such things. I was honestly unable to predict what might be around the next corner. My memory of what I wasn't specifically being amused with might be a bit fuzzy, but let's see how I do.

Ok, so going in, it was a large, generally wide open room. High ceiling, a few trusses across the ceiling here and there. Lots of couches, chairs, tables, that kinda crap. I'm pretty sure there was some school-type furniture in there too, whatever. Didn't seem like a normal warehouse though, it had the occasional step in the middle that just wouldn't make sense for housing lots of furniture. It was obviously something else before, anyway.

We had asked to be led to the water meter, where the water comes into the building. Towards the back of this big room, we came across those dungeon-looking archways. There were walls that were coming partway through the room, making semi-segregated areas, with these archways between them. Can't remember the layout much, but it was kinda weird. The loading dock doors were heavy wooden beasts, barred with thick boards like we were in medieval europe. Did the job anyway, we weren't in the happiest area of town.

We were led down this set of stairs into another high-ceilinged floor, with this massive motorized pulley system running beside. The comic doesn't do it justice even slightly, but the first thing that came to my mind was "If this was some theater production type building long ago, I could see this being used to haul props and furniture down and up as needed". It'd kinda explain the ton of tiny rooms and hallways, maybe being change rooms or some such. I dunno, I'm stabbing in the dark with that there.

Well... that was the interesting part, I guess. Eh, may as well finish the story of how the building went.

We found our way to the water meter way in the depths of this labyrinth. Only like... half the lights worked, so we were working pretty heavily off of the flashlight for a bit. We eventually got more lights, but you still really had to pay attention to where you stepped. Oh, yeah, this place was... I hesitate to say 'run down', since nothing was really all that broken. Perhaps more 'heavily unkempt'. Anyway, doesn't look like there's water to anything there. We have 'em shut down the water heaters, so the elements don't burn out. All the water was gone from the pipes, if your tank runs dry, the element will burn out. If it doesn't have its own power switch beside it, you'd use the fuse box. These had their own, so we shut those off, do whatever preventative maintenance one would do in that situation. I'm still pretty new, so I'm probably missing a step or two, or maybe using the wrong term for something. Gimme time, gimme time.

But yeah, we do all that stuff, and noticed that there's a city water department... guy, I can't remember what they're called, the title or whatever. City water guy is there, so we ask what's up. To be honest, I can't actually remember what their response was. I was kinda hanging back, letting Russ do his thing, ask the guy stuff. I tried to pay attention, but this particular day was like... -20 and windy, so I couldn't hear much without getting... uncomfortably close. So I just kinda hung back trying to stay warm and let the guys that know what they're doing do what they need to do. I'm sure I'll come across this situation again somewhere down the line. No need to rush learning all that shit anyway, that's one of those 'come with time' things.

Long story short, we couldn't do squat except save their elements and took off. In the time that we weren't troubleshooting the issue, we kinda looked around a little bit, glancing around for anything interesting. It was a pretty miserable day though, so we were more just powering through it. I think I was significantly more amazed though, since this was my first time seeing all this kinda stuff. I was all "ooohhh, shiny. Oh hey look, bricks and stuff! A pulley thing! Lotsa rooms! This one used to be a washroom that's like in a school, but now there's a ton of random stuff piled up in it. Does the plumbing in it still work? I wonder if it still works. I kinda wanna try flushing the toilet and see if it'll churn up decade-old water or something. At that point, we were just going down, and still didn't know for sure if they had any water at the meter. I dunno, I was kinda being hit with a lot to look at right then.

So yeah, it's been interesting.

-Perks of the job - You stumble across all kinds of... thingies.-
Dude, a turn of the century washing machine, and I think there might be STUFF in it!
Disclaimer: Warehouse estate sales and service calls make for interesting sights.
-You see just about every kind of architecture ever-
This warehouse has medieval dungeon-looking archways, countless tiny rooms and paths in the basement, and ancient contraptions to haul large things up flights of stairs. What WAS this place???
And obviously, common sense if touching anything.
And if you take the time to do it properly, it just makes it THAT much more gratifying!
-You ACTUALLY get to help people-
AWesome guys, thanks for repairing my access to the most essential substance needed to sustain life.
S'all good man, have a nice day.
Needless to say, it has its moments.

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