Enough of that

Ugh. Well, that last comic literally hurt to have to put up. I haven't been able to come up with much for comics for the past little bit, but I needed to get rid of that advertisement. Of the few people that read this, you know about it, Thingies and Stuff, it exists (EDIT: No longer exists in this form lol).

Haven't made a single sale off of it, not surprised. I don't do bulk. I'm not the type of person who enjoys cranking off a dozen of each product so I can push as much as I can as fast as I can. I just don't work like that. If I can sell something, that gives me an excuse to remake it better for myself. And if someone should buy THAT off of me, then I have reason to make a better one still. I make things that I want to make, not things that I want to get rid of. If I'm giving you something without a transaction being agreed upon, that's a gift. I've got two Mobius rings sitting here now, and it kinda annoys me. Why would I want a whole pile of them sitting there? No, I'm making it because it's cool, and I want one of whatever it is that I made. I have to be given a reason to get rid of it, aside from "make a better one". I could be doing other things in that time (such as camping for the next three days, WHEEE :D ).

That said, nobody's bought a thing. Nobody's even made an offer. Had a few people trying to commission me to make whatever thing they want made, throwing prices at me off the hop.

Bitch, do you even know what you're asking for? Sorry, I gotta get into this. Lemme tell you of this first commission job. I didn't take it or anything, so it's cool if I tell it.

So I get this message asking to buy those first attempt ring tools I made. I gave those away long ago, so they wanted me to make a few more, threw some number at me.

I asked 'em 'why'. They threw some love story at me, and wanted these to be wedding rings. The love story didn't involve chainmaille at all, thought it was curious. Called 'em on it, they threw back saying it was for LARPing. Didn't buy it, sorry. You want LARP accessories, go to a craft store, or get it CNC machined. I'm not being a grunt labourer for an almost laughably low price for the effort and control needed to hand-work stainless steel. Well, without a pile of fancy tools, which I laughably don't even come close to having. If they want machine-shop prices, they can go to a machine shop. I'm just... a girl, trying to not die. Hell, there's a chance I'm being hoofed out of this place next year as is, they're planning on "renovations", aka: turn it into condos.

Well, that's enough bitching for now, no sense crossing that bridge until I get some kind of official notification about it. If I stay cheap, I shouldn't have to worry about anything until next year at the earliest anyway. Course, at that point, I would be *entirely* out of savings, but I expect to be able to get back on board with plumbing in the fall. I've touched base, it's still slow as hell in them thar hills. Kinda bound to be, when you're replacing old pipe with burst-proof stuff, literally working yourself out of the job. Ah well, I'm probably just worrying about it too much. I'm counting this summer as my vacation... probably the only one I'll ever get, really. First time I've ever had more than 2 weeks off in a row, it feels strange. I kinda like it... having "not work". Well, unless you count building the site, and the stuff for that site, and filming the stuff for that site, and editing the film, and, yeah, ok, that's work. The most enjoyable work I've ever done I think, but unlikely to be sustainable in any way. I'm seeing it more as a way of hopefully trading art for different art. I mean y'know... you can try just throwing numbers at me. Throw a big enough one, maybe I think it's worth the effort of mailing it off and such. I've got the three points on the page, that about covers it.

Otherwise, camping for a few days here, then a few weeks of idle time before some fancy enterpreneurship seminar bullshit I signed up for, because THAT gets my name on some fancy, expensive paper that means nothing to me, but apparently means the *WORLD* to others. Gotta damn near become a business major, jumping through all of the hoops and signing a book worth of legal documents (every step costing more). Because apparently, it's damn near the most difficult thing on earth to exchange one item for another.

Well, with the government's blessing. If we were allowed to just... exchange one item for another, and that'd be the end of it, wouldn't that be awesome? Not that the money would be enough to live on, because money is for all intents and purposes worthless in today's day and age. If a person putting the vast majority of their life into a hard labourer position is barely capable of feeding themselves, what the hell would 4 or so hours of chainmaille get me? A turnip? Oh yeah, THAT'S enough to survive on.

On a repeated note, vote for Kabutroid. No, literally, if there's a write-in option, I'll be voting for Kabutroid.

So, things are getting pretty interesting on the world stage, aren't they? Might not look like it, but there's a lotta big dominoes falling down right about now. Anything could happen.
Aaaaaand, yep. That's about all I came here to say. Nothin' much else on my mind at the moment. Just... surviving.
Mainly though, I wanted to remove that spamvertisement. That... that was enough selling out for the day. Besides, there's far more interesting things happening. Time to grab a seat and see what happens next.

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