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Well, my first foray of any real sort into trying to make money for myself, instead of basically forcing hours of my life onto a company in vague hopes that they throw enough spare change at me that I stay alive. Not that I even remotely expect this endeavour to be able to pay rent or keep a fridge full, but I figure it'll probably help. Get some spare cash while absorbing EI and waiting for the plumbing market to pick back up again.

Although actually paying attention outdoors, there is a ludicrous number of service vehicles on the roads. Service vehicles for every possible service, repair, or maintenance, multiple companies for each. As we all upgrade people's old systems with newer, more efficient materials that break down slower, essentially putting ourselves out of work as a result of progress.

So hey, we'll see how many more burst pipes there are in winter. In the meantime, I'll see if I can get this thing off the ground.

And yes, I know I can post all of my stuff on Etsy, and Kijiji, and Ebay, and countless other places that people to go hawk their wares. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'll be trying to throw all of my shit all over all of those walls too. Way of the world, isn't it. Spam yourself as hard as you can in as many places as possible, hoping to find enough people that both still have money, and are willing to give it to you in exchange for hours of your life made physical. All of that can wait for a bit. I've got all the random stuff that I've made here, but obviously without price tags (avoiding the Metroids of course).

But here's the problem... I've never wanted to SELL any of the stuff I make. I typically just give it away to whoever. And if not, it's probably something that I made for myself, and y'know... don't really wanna sell it. I kinda like it :P

That said, anything in the aforementioned stuff section can probably be purchased from me, seeing as I'm dirt-poor, jobless, and trying to scrape together a living. Make me an offer, see what happens! Hey, can't hurt to ask :) For everything not posted on though (once I get THAT page up and running, which I get to code more or less from scratch, never mind figuring out the *yech* money part out), keep in mind the following three things:

1. Many hours have gone into these, sometimes into the hundreds. I take pride in my work.
2. I hate money. I hate talking about money, I hate dealing with money, I hate everything having to do with money. It's a vile necessity that I'm forced to endure in order to survive.
3. I may be dirt-poor and jobless, but I've made a lot of wise choices over the years. Worst case scenario, would be capable of surviving for several years, should for some bizarre reason absolutely all income suddenly dry up. I grew up poor, I can live VERY cheaply if I have to.

Y'know, it'd be nice if world leaders decided to finally grow up and stop acting like petulant children. Just break out basic income to keep people alive, fund it using the trillions of meaningless dollar at the top of this pyramid scheme you call the economy, and let me trade my shit for other people's shit. Stop holding back progress using humanity's sheer numbers, and abandon the antiquated notion that a person is required to exchange years of their life for meaningless papers and numbers, which are in turn exchanged for smaller and smaller quantities of life-saving caloric intake.

On a repeated note, vote for Kabutroid :P

Kabuplan for creating a business
Step 1: Pick a name.
Because Planet Zebeth is ALWAYS free. Gotta keep business and Zebeth separate.
Step 2: Get all the legal bullshit out of the way, because we live in a world where the paperwork is more important than the person writing on it.
And seriously, how else would you describe the thingies and stuff that I enjoy making?
Step 3: Learn shit.
And not just seminars and personal research on RUNNING this shit, but also how to present it. How to photograph it, how to display it, how to SELL it. Also, a place to do all that from. by the way.
Step 4: Cross my scythes and go from there.
Here's to hoping I figure everything out right and find help when needed. This is a pretty sketchy world to try opening yet another business in.
I just wanna make stuff, is that so much to ask?

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