Y'know, sometimes it's just the *little* things that stick in your mind.

That said, happy new years all. Been a bit cooped up for the past bit, what with not really feeling like tackling the cold all that too terribly often. Been keeping busy indoors with a variety of things more than anything else. Got that livestreaming going, and more or less I'm holding to the schedule (the whole half-week it's been). Gonna try and sell the car in the next little bit now that everything is less busy. Once I get that off my plate, that'll be a big weight off my mind.

That aside, not much else to speak of. Went out several times fully as Tannis recently, so that was fun. Still not all that confident in strutting around in a mall on my own... kinda nice to have at least one person's worth of support chilling with me. And since most days lately have been more or less female, it makes for not much going out.

Also the cold. Some years I'm fond of the cold. This year I'm prefering basking indoors. I'll get out a few more times yet... get my tea-in-a-hammock on... but I won't be too terribly disappointed if I get too busy indoors this winter.

I think I'm going to start looking for one-bedroom places to move into. Do away with the whole apartment idea, I'm fine with just a small room in a communal house type of thing. Got a lotta steps before I can look too much further down that road though. Ideally, I want the car to go (I can rent a truck for a day when I move), I want a job, and I want a pile of miscellaneous crap around here to be gone. I've been chewing through it relatively slowly but steadily over the past month or so, and I'll continue that into the new year.


Whelp, time to get ready for another day.
*shirt putting on sound*
Wait... something doesn't feel right...
DAMNIT! I forgot to put on my bra. Now my chest feels all *empty* and shit.
*UGH*, now I have to take this *off*, go get the bra, and do this all *over again*...
*mild annoyance*
*pull* *effort*

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