How's it going?

2021 Kabs here: I'm so sorry, it really doesn't get better for the next 40 comics or so. I mean, there's some good ones in there, so skip through, but I honestly won't feel bad if you skip the ones that depress you.
So, I figured I'd post a comic about how things have been going for me lately, if for no other reason than to get it off my chest.

So... yep. Boiled cabbage. Every day. For months and months. Why cabbage? Because it's like... 77 cents a pound or something dirt-cheap like that. Now, that's not to say it's boring as hell (though, other people's definitions of 'boring' are likely different than mine). I boil it in soup broth, and I've got like... 4 or 5 different types of broths! I change it up. Re-use the same broth for 2 or 3 days, so it gets extra flavourful, and then drink that like soup at the end of all that, aw yeah.

And of course, you gotta treat yourself. Just today actually, I stumbled across salted duck eggs for relatively cheap at the store. And man, cracking one of THOSE into the hot pot? Fuckin' DELISH! How in the world have I never tried these before?!? But yeah, that made the broth CRAZY salty, so I tossed that afterwards. Gotta watch my salt intake too. Just keep a good healthy balance of... generally everything. Get some bok choy or gai lan in there, maybe mushrooms if they're really cheap. Tofu, and occasionally meat. A few chicken breasts can last a pretty long time when you only toss a little bit in with the hot pot, or only once a week or so. It helps having grown up out in the country... a lot of those skills kinda stuck around in the back of my mind. All the wide variety of skills that I've picked up over the years in the country, or screwing around out in the forests. It's been coming in handy... gotta say.

I've been keeping productive on the livestream, having now beaded a fairly significant piece of the mat... which I haven't quite decided whether to keep as a hall runner or a door banner. I think it'd look really cool hanging over a door or whatever, so that'll likely be its end use.

Still haven't decided whether I want 'Zebeth' in the middle or something else. I've got a whole whack of different colours, so I could make something really funky in there... a pixellated picture even. Something worth pondering...

Other than all of that... I've been throwing my resume at everything that I could qualify for at this point. No callbacks from anything, though I'm not too surprised. When it's common to see that 300+ people have looked at a position, all of 'em likely just as desperate as me, it's just... crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, really. And if I see something that particularly appeals to me, I'll go all-out on the cover letter, explaining why I'd be good there and such. Just... do everything I can do type of thing. Got a job placement type seminar thing at the start of February, so I'll keep doing what I'm doing until then, and see if they can toss any other help my way.

But I'll survive. I'm in excellent physical shape, I have a positive mind, and I'm compacting and minimizing my life in such a way as to be able to move cheaply and easily when I eventually need to. Currently, the entirety of my life from birth until now can comfortably fit into a 10 by 9 foot room. You probably want to picture air-quotes around the word "comfortably". More like "can physically fit, while still being able to navigate around and access everything." It still makes for a lot of moving things around... which is more or less why I want to replace my air mattress with a shikibuton mattress. I kinda gotta lean it up against the wall to do my livestreaming. Half of the rest of the contents of my room also shuffle around a bit to sit the laptop somewhere that it has a halfway decent shot of me. And then I undo all of that and re-set my room when I'm done.

It'd be really cool to have some kind of creatively-designed shelving and whatnot in there to make as much use of the space as possible, but y'know... those things cost money. Even raw lumber (if I had a place to build it) is expensive as hell. So... oh well, work with whatcha got.

Other than that, hope everyone else is doing well. It's cold pretty much everywhere I chat with people online, and y'know... the whole economy thing and all that.

Gotta say... ever since I worked with Russ, I know that I could be a lot worse off. There's pleeeeeenty of people that are in far shittier situations than I'm in.

To end on a happier note though, I'm meeting up with more transgender-friendly type groups, so that's awesome. Just coffee groups and such periodically, but I'm slowly getting out more. I usually like to feel out a group before I engage all that much... just my way :/ . Though I imagine I'll get out to more events and the like when it's not minus a frickin' thousand degrees out (or more accurately, -25 C right now). I can see me being a lot more active in summer.

I figured I would give everyone an update on how I'm doing, and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it... it ain't great.
I've been applying to places nonstop, and haven't been getting callbacks. I've degraded myself to doing what I promised myself I'd never do again... go through temp agencies... but here I am. Sales jobs too *shudder*.
Aaaand my unemployment insurance has run out. Oh, and I could see an eviction notice at any time due to building renovations. So... I've got what little's left of my inheritance, and whatever I can get for my car that's above what's still owed on it.
THAT said, I'm still optimistic. We ARE in the worst economic conditions in North American... arguably human history, and I'm almost tailor-designed to survive this type of situation. Do I need to live poor? Oh, I can do that.
I'm like a tick... I'll burrow in deep, and just *survive*. Boiled vegetables, fruit smoothies, tofu, and anything I deem cheapest and healthiest. Watch my weight, keep in shape while minimizing the calories burned, and stay positive. I'll get a job. Until then... patience.

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