The waiting ends soon

The waiting for things part of life. It's difficult to wait for things. You want time to pass by faster, but when it does, you need it to pass by slower. Rushing from one task to the next, while at the same time waiting in agony for some part of one task so that the step following it can begin. An unusual juggling act of multiple tasks, all balanced against eachother.

I guess that means I'm focused. Difficult to say what I'm focused on however. A wide assortment of things, half of them completely unrelated to the others. I keep an unusual variety of hobbies, wandering from trail riding to chainmaille or other meticulous things. I recently finished painting the bottom of a set of sake cups for example (pics on Instagram, eventually here too).

Really, my main problem isn't so much trying to kill boredom, it's trying to decide which of the million little projects in my mind I want to accomplish first. Painting things, carving things, chainmailling things, making stuff, building stuff, modifying stuff, there's just so many possibilities of things that I want to do!

So many things to do, and waiting for the opportune time to dive right into them and then get the feeling of accomplishment that comes with pulling off a long-sought-after project.

Get work outta the way, get the basics out of the way, and then absorb yourself into doing what you live for.


Doing stuff is awesome! :D

Oh, and hey, I posted a few kinda insightful thoughts in the bonus section, I dreamed again and Proud to be poor. Gonna try posting more of these.

Really, I'd like to post more updates, moreso about my life, since I've obviously been lazy with the comic itself for the past bit. That's kinda been one of the side-effects of enjoying so many activities... the comic's kinda taken a back seat for a bit. Real life is just too awesome these days!

I'll be back to the digital world more soon. This is more or less how I'm documenting it!


Been a while, figured I'd post an update on how things have been going so far. Overall, it's been on the up-and-up. Things aren't ideal, but they're far from the opposite... not too shabby.
Fully out as a transwoman now, and I haven't had any problems, really. I read or see others in less fortunate situations, and all I can do is hug them over the internet. It kinda sucks not being able to help the people you want to more.
Got a month of work left at my current temp job, then see if something else becomes available. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it again. See if I can get in with a small business or something, it'd be a lot more fulfilling.
And hey, the paperwork for my legal name change to Tannis should begin soon, and the beginning of hormone replacement therapy are starting shortly, so all kinds of awesome stuff soon. Waiting for stuff is almost over!

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