Makin' stuff

Also, I've gone back and gathered a few writings I've posted around in the past, and got 'em backed up on Zebeth now. Enjoy I like baths, Thinking underwater, and A robust adventure. Also, I put up a page for the cup bottoms that I paint, and started a page for the jewellery that I'm making as I go.

Have a wonderful evening. :)

Oh wow, I'm finally getting around to taking pictures of the stuff I've been making, and writing up pages for them! I know, right? As fun as it is to keep making stuff though, I still like to document the things that I've made on Zebeth.

Well, also Instagram, Facebook, and all those things, but it's just a personal thing that I kinda keep a hold of all of those things on Zebeth too. This is my little home inside the vast expanses of the internet. And while it doesn't update as often as it used to (ahh, back when I was consistently doing 3 updates a week for years standing), I'm still keeping it updated with the goings-on of my life.

That said, what have I been up to? Whelp, we've got my chainmaille collars. Pics and stats inside the link (though I've gotta take pics of them on my neck too). I placed that page i the 'random' section however, due to the eventuality of there being more collars than just chainmaille ones there. Well, there's also my original pink one, so there ya go :P

Now that Arlene is finished, I've updated the page for her. I've also got the start of a page up for a slingshot I'm whittling, Shanelle, and am also creating a mirror of string figure instructions, a performance art that I enjoy doing while sitting around waiting for... whatever. Many of those pages are still a work-in-progress, but now I at least have a foundation from which to update.

Y'know, there's lots of page builder programs and the like, but there's still something I enjoy about manually updating the files from scratch. So Ima keep doing that. I keep it simple for a reason, and from what I've seen, it's not *horrendous* when viewed on a smartphone. It's not even too bad if the phone is tipped sideways!

In either case, more updates down the road. Today I spent about 7 solid hours typing at the computer or editing images, only grudgingly leaving to go cram food into my face-hole. I know I'm doing something that I love when eating is a troublesome nuisance I get quickly out of the way so that I can get back to what I was doing.

That said, it's about time I call it a day. Happy National Coming Out Day everyone! Been out for well over a year, and hormone therapy should be starting shortly. I'll probably be doing a lot more updates related to that once all of that starts, but... still waiting for all of that to start :P.


Oh hey, update time of sorts! There hasn't been many major changes in my life, but a lot of recursors to major changes. Slowly but surely, my life is moving forwards now.
I've had blood drawn to get my numbers for hormone therapy, and have bottom and top surgery on the horizon. I've mentally accepted and otherwise done all I can to prepare for these things, it's just a matter of course now.
So with that beignmore or less a waiting game now, I just kinda look forward to the appointments as they come by. In the meantime, the livestream is going from daily to 'whenever the mood strikes', and I'm spending time either catching up with friends or just... making stuff. Also video games.
I've unfortunately been less motivated to update my digital realm much, having been really caught up in the real world lately. Give it time, give it time. It may not look it, but I've been making a lot of progress in other areas.

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