Tattoo goals

Hey all! We've got a smattering of assorted updates, but otherwise not too many major changes lately. Basically putting all of my energy into my livestream and staying alive right now, so there's not much happening outside of that.

Though there IS a little bit happening. My friend Angelfreak has been pulling me out periodically and getting me to meet people and see things, so she's been awesome in my life lately :). She's also shown up in the livestream a few times.

Speaking of, the smattering of assorted updates! Ursula's page is more or less complete, until I can get better pictures taken of her. Also, she has pending colour touchups (there's a few spots where more sparkles could fit) and topcoat appointments. I probably won't record those ones though, unless it's livestreamed. The knitting section has been updated to have a miscellaneous section, where I'm adding generally anything that I make on livestream that doesn't merit an individual page (like Ursula's sheath Bellatrix). Everything there still gets a blurb of text though, and anything that's more detailed or takes more time will likely get their own page again. OOHH, I've also added a little writing piece in the Bonus section called How to have a bath (as well as a .jpg version of Thinking underwater), and also a drawing of the bar. Hope you enjoy :)

That's about all for the digital updates. Like I said, livestreaming and staying alive. Speaking of staying alive, there's a whole pile of stuff happening outside the scenes. One of my friends is going through all kinds of crazy stuff and I'm helping as best I can. Bit difficult when in survival mode, but it's getting closer to spring where I'll be able to bike rather than bus (5 bucks for a two-way trip is pretty painful). My sister is also going through some rough medical stuffs, so that's a whole 'nother thing.

Blah, that's a bit of a downer to end on. Let's bounce that up a bit at the end, with HUMMING!

*hmmm hmmmm Hmmmmm hmmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmm. HMMMMM Hmmmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmmm.... hmmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

There we go. Now let's go treat ourselves to a cookie and burrow in. Balance my savings between food and art, sounds like a plan :)

OH RIGHT, tattoo goal! Yeah, once I get self-supporting through my Patreon or livestream donations or Thingies and Stuff or however else, I'm going to get meow tattooed on my fingers in the style of Adore Delano (thank you random internet query for that pic). Except mine is in lowercase, and a different font. That's my goal to shoot for... to earn that tattoo :)


Hey all, updates and stuff! Also say hi to my friend Angelfreak, who's shown up on my livestream channel lately.
Hey there.
I have to say, I've been loving doing my livestream. Speaking to people across the world, sharing my music, making people smile, and building my stuff. I'm living on scraps, but I've never been happier. This is the first time in my life that I'm doing what I love every day. This is my passion, my energy.
That said, I'd like to thank our Feburary patrons for pushing me closer to that goal! Suvvy, Wei-Hua Huang, Mathphysicsnerd, Bikdip, Laura, Sonder, BrotherFlounder, thank you! You people are awesome, and I love you all!

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