A new beginning

48th 'LOK' comic. Huh, bet there's significance to that number.

No, there's not really lol. Don't mind me, I'm amused ^_^< p/> So... (so, so, so, yes I used that a lot this strip lol), so many changes. I'm engaged to Heather, I've got a job lined up in her town, I'm booked to move there, I have a start date, I have a new tattoo, I also have this besties tattoo that I got on November 11th. Yeah, sorry, I really wish I could update this site more often. It's just that making the comic has fallen in priority. Work concerns, chasing down paperwork or people, and generally speaking taking about 20 minute breaks from my miscellaneous chases.

Goodness, where'd that go? Oh right, you can't see that part. I went all gloomy bloomy for a bit, bitching about time and job hunting and such. Ignore all that. I'll be updating the comic more often once I start work I think. Once I have a set schedule, then I can start dedicating more time to the comic.

There's like... a dozen or so comics left until the end of the main storyline maybe? I'd ballpark it at 12 or 13. Yeah, once I can start putting a good hour or two into computer play again. It's one of those things that y'gotta do in one sitting, y'know? I can't sit down for like... 5 or 10 minutes and work on a comic. I need to sink myself in to the world, reacquaint myself with the characters, and see where we're going next. Goodness I love making comics.

So anyways, got new tattoos. Bestie tattoo, and this new one on my right ankle that I got on December 14th from Katie at Metamorphosis. The bestie tattoo was done by Alec, who's just getting into tattooing and doesn't have a place yet. Lol, livingroom tattoo ^_^

Very sanitary and such, not cutting any corners. I like her, she'll go places.

So anyhoos, prairie flowers! We have a thistle flower (I HAVE A THISTLE ON ME, EEEEEEEE <3), alfalfa flowers (EEEEEEE, I HAVE ALFALFA ON ME!!!), and a gorgeous pink rose. I gave the artist full control of the design, and gave her a list of flowers that I wanted it to involve, mainly alfalfa and thistle.

Seriously, have you ever smelled a thistle flower? Oh heavens goodness, they are heavenly. Just... sweet, fragrant heaven.

Alfalfa I grew up around. Some of my fondest memories as a child is sitting in the alfalfa field, laying down, and looking up at the sky. Looking at the trees in the distance. Looking at the red shack, watching the birds, listening to the wind. I've got two alfalfa bunches ^_^

And the pink rose I didn't expect. Oh goodness, it's going to look amazing when I'm wearing flats or heels, or goodness anything that shows off the skin. Just... love how it turned out <3

Uhh, let's see, what else did I have in there? The bible and rosary! So yeah, the main reason that's significant is 'cause I just got them today. So like... for forever, I've been wanting to get my own bible. I've seen them in hotel rooms, but never really opened one, y'know? So being Christian and all, I decided to go get one before I left the city. I mean, I could order it online, but that's so impersonal. Here I get to see where the softcover ones are (I want it softcover), and goodness, I forgot that there's different versions! So I went to this Christian book store, and they had like... 4 different version of the bible, and had mention of like... 4 more. Everything from 'literal translation' to 'we basically current-dayified that content.' So I got the closest one to the original (King James Version), that wasn't the transliteral version, since I didn't know if I could handle broken english coming from direct... was that Latin back then? Lemme google this.

Biblical Hebrew apparently! Random fun fact, the first translation from there was into Greek. Huh, learned something new.

So anyway, I wanted to get one more or less closest to the original so that I could get into the mindset better of the people who wrote it. And it's got the old testament and new testament, so I get to see the kinda transition from old-school rules to the more loving text. It'll be interesting, I wonder how many people have actually read the book front to back. I've done War and Peace which was awesome, I bet I can get into this one.

And my friend Gladiola has had these rosary beads and wears them around her neck, and I was so jealous and stuff, and have wanted to get into the prayers and stuff, and she like had them already lol. Petty green-eyed jealous stuff lol. I could have gone to pick some up at any time, but never really took the time until now. So yeah! I've got the beads and the prayer book for them, so I'm going to start practicing that. I've been pretty devout lately, and wanna push that, so I figure saying the rosary will feel wonderful. Really allow me to take my time with the Lord and connect with Him.

Lessee, lessee, what else? Umm, engagement ring, painted my nails... food... packingPACKING! Right, so I'm doing that too. Most of my stuff has been packed since my last move since I live in a broom closet lol, but the miscellaneous stuff around the room is starting to go into boxes. I have about... 4 days free...

Right, I'm visiting Heather! So yeah, I've got a trip booked from the 21st to the 26th, so I get to spend Christmas with Heather! Like I said, I haven't actually met her yet, so this is where we connect with eachother, and feel eachother's love. I've known her online, and love her, and this will be putting a person to the soul. Ooohhh, when I first show up it's going to be... no words to describe. Loving. Amazing. Just... everything.

Mmmmmmm, it's going to be a wonderful trip.

And ok, there we go, I think I've just about got it all. Covered all the bases? Yep. Alright, I'll update again with a new comic, or when crazy awesome stuff happens, and then I'll try to get both in, see what I can do.

Have a wonderful night all!

KatieLynne Harder / Kabutroid / dragonmotherk

So, the changes. The changes! Quick rundown, tattoo (also another one I hadn't mentioned before), got job in The Pas, moving, visiting fiancée for Christmas. Ummm... bible and rosary beads.
So hey, let's touch on that last one for just a skosh. So I've like... never really owned a bible for the most part until now, or presented as religious really. So I bought one today (KJV), rosary beads (always wanted), and the prayers for it. Figured it might be my last chance to buy them before leaving the city.
So I'm gonna all read that and practice and stuff.
So cool and stuff. I got a job at the personal care home in my fiancée's city, and I'll be moving into her place atthe end of the year. I'm visiting her for Christmas too, so that will be amazing! It will actually be my first time meeting her!
Goodness, there are so many reasons that it's going so fast.
And tattoos, goodness! So my best friend Jo-Ann and I got matching besties tattoos, mine on my left foot and hers on her right ankle (I could go on, read the update text), and I've got prairie flowers on my right ankle and foot! And thus, my sprite has been updated to show the changes ^_^

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
Comics, ideas, Kabutroid, and other custom content owned by KatieLynne Jackson. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't mind all that much if you make content based on my content and stuff. Just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.