Met an amazing person

To make a story short, the engagement was called off. We're not right for eachother, and so we'll remain as friends. I still thank Heather for allowing me to stay at her place and sink my roots into The Pas, but otherwise platonic friendship is where it stands ^_^
Oh, goodness goodness goodness. So much to talk about! To get the less interesting part out of the way first, I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA. Lol, and the only reason I'm saying that it's uninteresting is because it's heavily overshadowed by EEEEEEEEEE, I'M ENGAGED!

Oh goodness. I met Heather online through various mutual interest groups, and we started chatting more, hitting it off and stuff. Then one evening, we were chatting with eachother about our dreams and our futures, and our futures just... perfectly aligned. We were meant to be together! And together, we will travel the world <3

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Goodness gracious goodness goodness goodness. Such an update!

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Oh my goodness goodness goodness goodness goodness goodness goodness. Just... such an update!
So... I'm engaged.
Her name is Heather. She's a sweet wonderful woman who I met on the internet. We met through mutual interest groups and just kinda... hit it off. We chatted more and more, and one night while talking about the future, I just... proposed. Our lives matched, and we dreamed the same dreams. She said yes ❤
I love you Heather, more than anything in the world ❤
So that's the bignews. I've graduated college as well (4.0 GPA, WOOOOOH!), which will help me find work in her town. I love you Heather. Let's travel the world together ❤

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