And London was good

Oh my goodness, so London was 18 levels of awesome. Let's see, where to start, where to start. This is a bit of a story.

So how it worked out was that I knew a few people online, and one of them, from London, hooked up two of us, one from Florida and myself, to share a hotel room for a few days! We were both flying there, plans to meet up, so this works great :D

The first 3 days I had to myself. I stayed at the Ridgemount hotel in Camden Town, right beside the University of London! Fun story, I met a spirit who lives on the roof just next door, Joseph Sandro, who stays above the Regency hotel. He loved birds, so after he passed he stayed above the hotel that he was staying at, pretending to be a bird the rest of his afterlife. I came to talk with him a lot, and still chat with him on occasion

Fun fact, he's helping me write this now! I can feel their words, and know exactly what they're saying to me.

So Joseph was next door, and like... 4 other spirits ended up visiting me in my hotel room throughout my stay. John, Jill, Trudeau, and another Jill. I also saw three of them on a stairwell during a bus tour, I waved and said hi, and wished them warmth :D

Day one I went to get my umbrella, a beautiful, handmade, pink umbrella made with hand-stitched leather. Oh my goodness, James Smith & Sons, I'll never forget them! I'd add a link to them here, but my computer's actually broken and can't connect to the internet, so I can't look up their web address (now available, click here)! They're wonderful *hearts*

Check out my kabucam gallery (on the left) for pics. Also, because the computer is broken, that's slowed down my ability to update, or... well... do much of anything except for what I can do on a cellphone. If anyone has a used Mac they're willing to let go, I'd be willing to buy it from you. Wanna go Mac, heard they're a lot better for video and image editing.

Anyhoos, London! So London was incredible. I got my umbrella, then just.... walked. I walked North for a while, found some convenience stores, some ethnic grocery stores, the underground railway, book stores, other miscellanea. Then I went South, and found art stores with different types of parchment papers, inks, chalks, smudges, oh my goodness, the artist in me was going insane. If I had had thousands of dollars to spend *heart* (what the heck is the ascii key combination for less than sign, AAAAAARGH, not being able to look things up).

I found a handful of parks, and oh, of course, I found a geocache. My bestie Jo-Ann pushed me to make sure I found a geocache in London, so I went out of my way to find Soho Park, and found the little micro cache there ^_^

Got my very last nanomaille ball signature item, time to make more! Don't worry, I got more 24 gauge rings ^_^

I wandered into a tour of the School of Art at the University of London as well! Happened to see the sign for School of Art through a door, decided to poke my head in, saw a pile of people. Almost didn't go, but my Deities pushed me, and I'm so glad They did. No, srsly, spirituality is incredible! My heart is just... filled with love and blessings having discovered spirituality, it's incredible! I worship 12 Deities at the current time. I have a comic strip partially made... look, I'm getting off-topic, I'll talk about Them another time lol

The School of Art! So that was kinda interesting. Mainly the tour guide talked about the architecture, and some of the history behind the rooms, and how they are used by the students. There were some incredible paintings, over 6 feet tall. Just.... incredible (seems I'm going to use this word a lot). Then the guide took us back to the entrance, and I wandered off on my way. Snapped a pile of pictures tho! Check out my Facebook (, I have an album!

So anyways, that was day 1. Find a park, find a cache (was that day 2? That was day 2. You're getting it in a bit offhand order here lol), find a tour group, get an umbrella.

Next up was feeding the pigeons, and you KNOW that one of those is going in the Kabucam gallery! Nicknamed one of 'em Scraggles, he had a string around the foot, and it didn't look like it got in the way, but I wanted to help him and couldn't, and like, his feathers were all ruffled and scraggly, so... scraggles. Also he got extra food ^_^

Did that for like an hour or so! Kneeling down, pulling bits of a sweetbun off, and tossing them to the pigeons. One of them started to eat out of my hand, or at least pluck bits of food from my fingers. It was so awesome!!!! Honestly, probably one of the most fun bits of my vacation lol. Went to London, fed the pigeons. 10/10 XD

Let's see... what else happened there. Day... 3 maybe? Day 3 was the Tate Modern art museum, as the big item of the day. Oh my goodness, best museum ever. So many eclectic, random pieces of art (and you KNOW I'm all about that!) Like... giant steel structures that must have weighed thousands of pounds, the ground covered in a bizarre cross between hyper-geometric and rough hewn earth structures, a giant tower made up of hundreds of old style radios, the creeeeeeepiest mothafuckin' film I've ever seen (seriously, check out that album. Would link it directly, but... computer. The album is called London 2019, you can't miss it!), and oh my goodness, I could go into detail describing each one of them. Rooms filled with venetian blinds, Rube-Goldberg looking contraptions that don't actually function.... just... a whole lot of random, arranged randomly, to look like something doing something. Beautiful view from the top floor, too!

Got caught in a downpour, which was kinda cool! It was actually too much for me to want to risk my poor umbrella lol, so I ducked into a restaurant with a few others to wait for it to slow down.

Oh hey, fun fact, y'know in the movie National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, where Chevy Chase gets stuck on the roundabout? So hey, I walked across that roundabout! Was on a tour bus a few days later that mentioned it ^_^

Saw some of the major sites, Big Ben, the London Eye. Oohh, oohh, I crossed London Bridge! It was not for the record falling down XD

Basically I spent 7 hours of day 3 nonstop walking, except for when I stopped for a pint at The Thirsty Bear. It was bear-related, I HAD to stop, I got my spirit name from the Bear Clan!

Bears are also cool ^_^

Practiced karate in the park next to there (found out they were growing corn and rhubarb of all things in little fenced off community pastures. How cool is that, old-school rhubarb on my trip to London! At one point or another I picked up some keychains for the folks back home who asked for them, and a London hat for myself. Didn't really want to buy much, I was more focused on my umbrella, and that's about it. Found a penny squishing machine tho, so that's kinda cool! Squished me a penny real good ^_^

Lessee, more walking, TONS of architecture (oh my God the stonework), finding my way to Trafalger Square, looked around there a bit, cellphone died, so I navigated myself home by compass (I brought a compass). Lessee, home is straight north from Trafalger Square. No matter the twists and turns in the road, I took whatever path went more north.

Found it ^_^

Found a cool boating supply store there too! Famous sounding, can't remember the name quite. Two-word name, was tempted to buy a new compass from there, just because. Still might lol, online XD

Found my way home, had a camembert and lettuce sandwich (oh my heavens, heaven. I'm so glad I had offered one to a begger on the street), dipped it in hot chocolate because I'm weird like that, and went to sleep.

The next day I met Monika... a girl from Florida, USA actually! A friend had set us up online, Charlotte. So I met Monika at her hotel, the Karma Sanctum. It had a hot tub on the roof! Oh man, did we make use of that one. Really only in the evening tho, we were out pretty much all day every day. Met some of those spirits up there actually, on one of the nights. Nice place. So anyways, I met with her, dropped off my stuff with hers, and then we went for manicures :D. Mmmmm, mani-pedi and eyebrow waxing, it was nice. I went with Barbie pink, my toes are still coloured ^_^ *heart*

Wandered around a little bit, and did some shopping. We came across this AMAZING place called Irregular Choice... oh my God, look it up, Irregular Choice in Soho, London. They have THE most eclectic, outrageous, amazing footwear ever! Check out my album, oh my God. Pink sequins, rainbow fur, cat shaped heels, and a giant sparkly unicorn. That says it right there. I bought a pillow from there, I couldn't walk away empty handed XD

Oh my goodness, and then a few other things happened. Ummmm... let's just say that you'll need to ask me for my other accounts to get the story XD

So that aside, we met up with Charlotte at some point, and drove around the countryside looking at the most absolutely *gorgeous* scenery, my eyes honestly couldn't believe it. How these roads and pastures could exist without horse and carriage being the only mode of transportation, I'll never know. It was like just out of a movie! Green, beautiful rolling fields on the side, old english houses parked here and there across the landscape, it was like I'd looked backwards in time! It was just... angelic. It was heaven. Oh my goodness, I was living in a dream.

Oh my goodness. The scenery of London... oh my goodness, it has everything. Modern architecture to classic brickwork to rolling green hillsides, FORESTS! They have forests! Oh my goodness, everything!

That... that was absolute heaven. It was incredible, and I'd visit again just to tour that area some more. Oh my goodness.

Mmmmmmmm, the rest of the trip rolled up pretty quickly after that. With only 2 days left, Monika and I went on that tour bus I mentioned, since Charlotte had to get back to her family, we saw some incredible sites and received a history lesson on them (in dry British humour ^_^), and had a wonderful time. Beautiful weather for a tour, we ate at a few places. Oh yeah, so on Saturday night Charlotte took us to a club in like... the busiest area of town. Oh my god, I loved it. so packed you had to slide between people. Fun fact, a guy tried to pick me up five minutes after I came in! I was dressed in all pink and had my warpaint on tho, so surprised/not surprised ;)

We met a friend of Charlotte's there, whom I had the wonderful honour of offering an umbrella to when it began to drizzle. She stayed beside me after that, and this girl just kinda kept offering her umbrella, or holding it for us as we walked, generally walking arm in arm all evening ^_^. Wonderful lady, hope we meet up again *heart*

It wrapped up with a walk down New Bond Street, where all of the *ridiculously* high priced things are.

Now don't me wrong, I'd buy those pieces in a heartbeat if it were within my means. I mean oh my God were they gorgeous! Like oh my heavens, the purse from miu miu? EEEEEEEE, to die for. And the heels there, oh my god I was scared to ask the price. It didn't have a price tag on it. Yeah... one of those things. Oh my god, to have the means to just be like 'yeah, that's alright. Just put the whatever it is on my card' all nonchalant like. Though that pondered, I imagine that in the situation I would be more "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, OH MY GOD, I GOT JIMMY CHOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1!!! Like srsly, they let me try on a pair in the store. Like... the unbelievably gorgeous ones covered in swarovski crystals, with pearls and garnets. Just oh my heavens, they were breathtaking.

Those shoes and that purse from miu miu? Oh my god I would be in heaven.

So gorgeous. Utterly gorgeous. Oh my heavens, Jimmy Choo has a new follower. Just love.

And anyways, (oh my God, Monika bought a pair of Jimmy Choos!) ...... where was I?

Jimmy Choos. The place smelled heavenly too, they had their purfume piped in. Oh my God, I should have bought a bottle, I thought about it *heart*

Good heavens, I can hardly remember what happened during the trip after that. I think it basically wrapped up. We got our stuff put all into our suitcases, I stuffed like... aaaaaaall the metal jewellery and other heavy bits into my backpack (oh my God am I glad I'm in good shape)

Oh and hey, good for me sprinkling that uppercase G in there here and there! Lookin' atcha God ^_^

Anyhoos, airport (oh my god.... no seriously, I wish I could say more on this site lol), get on a plane, it flies me home. Met a girl named Katie, she sat beside me, so hey, that's kinda cool! Honestly, I could probably prattle on about the plane ride alone for like... an hour. Don't kid me not, the vacation was enjoyable to the point where I remember all the little tidbits and wonders of the trip, and how she like... looked out the window a few times hoping to see the ocean, but it was cloudy, and like hoping for this thing or that thing, looking around in amazement, her little adventures-Oh my god, I got to use the executive bathrooms! I accidentally snuck into there once, because it was like... right beside me, across a curtain, so I like... sliiiiipped right on into there. Honestly didn't know it was the VIP area, was just 'oh hey, I saw a washroom sigh through here', and like... they called me out on it the next time, so it was like 'awwww, gotta walk all the way to the back lol' They have lotion in the VIP bathroom! I got to use it ^_^

Is that how we're wrapping things up? Oh god, please no. It was an amusing detail, I like all... and it's toilet humour... oh ugh.

Let's try this again. Plane lands, thinking about a tattoo (was going to get one on London, but stuff didn't work, so... s'on my mind), hop on a bus, crash a few nights (play a few games of Scrabble with my old landlord Jan... I call her Granny ^_^) aaaaand yeah, skidaddle back to town.

Oh my god this place is turning me into such a redneck again. WOOOOOOOOEEEEEEE, this girl sure could get herself off into the forest one day. Climb a tree maybe.

The forest has been calling me lately. Gotta get back into it. Callin' a bush scraggling, seeing if I can get together a posse to go out and cause a ruckus in the forest, WOOOOOOOOOOH! The main purpose, if you want, is to find the perfect hiking staff. One to carve and call your own. Or just scraggle a bush, it's all good. Also, y'might not find a good tree, so there's that. Really though, there's a million trees, you're gonna find the right one.

Also, I plant seeds wherever I take a tree from, because I'm kind like that ^_^. Also regrow the forest, help spread zygotes. Like... plant a tree far from where the seed fell, we need this type of interpollination. Anyhoos, I could get into that. Plant trees whenever you get something.

Have a good'n all!

KatieLynne / Kabutroid / dragonmotherk

OH, also HEY, WOOH, 3 years on hormone therapy! October 21st baybeeeeeeeee!

So that was 18 levels of awesome. The crowds, the secenery, the atmosphere, heck, even the weather! I loved it all! England seems right to me, I'm moving to England.
Been planning it for a while actually. If not London, then one of the other nearby cities. But oh my goodness, London was the place to be. Oh my goodness, and yet of all of this, my favourite part was just feeding the pigeons ^_^
I bought a sweet bun in Chinatown, and kept tearing off chunks and giving them to the pigeons, and one of them I named Scraggles, 'cause he had a string around one foot and I wanted to help him but I couldn't, so I fed him extra ^_^

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