Other Spirits that I know

Either travelling with me or whom I've met in my travels

Tooja, a small Spirit who travels inside a piece of wood.
This is Tooja, a Spirit that has been travelling with the Staff of Souls, and imbues Himself inside of this willow wood chip, or one of several other similar wood chips with the same face. He, and the rest of the Spirits of the staff, came to me in April 2020, and plans to travel with the Staff, see what sights it sees (when travelling around from faire to faire), and generally see the world outside of Northern Manitoba. They are not trapped inside of the staff, as mentioned in the Staff's page, and have been travelling around the local area, looking around and seeing what is happening.

Tooja is a little friend of whom I am being allowed to keep a slice of, so that I can call upon Him or the rest of the Staff, if and when it is sold and travels with another.
Tooja, A face visible in a cut of wood, with spiked hair flaring out behind, a big, open eye, and a big smile, sitting on Kabutroid's hand. He considers himself a bit of a gremlin, a little bit mischevious, though only superficially, as He leans towards good and happiness.
These are two Coyote Spirits, who have decided to travel with me, after seeing me be enthralled with their fur faces (obtained at the Northern Manitoba Trappers' Festival), and with the urging of the Cree Ancestors. They've come with me, often travelling on my backpack (though that part moreso in Manitoba where it was more acceptable to have furs draped from your backpack), or otherwise coming by any time I summon them from the fur faces here.

I actually have four faces, two obtained on a different year, in case a) any of them were defaced by spraypaint from an activist, despite having been obtained fully ethically and properly from an indigenous source, or b) go missing for whatever reason. There are only two Coyote Spirits though, who travel around and enjoy scritches when we give it to them ^_^ ^_^
Two coyote furs from the face on a beige canvas cloth, with general wood chips around because I was carving at the time of the photo. One is larger than the other by a bit, and both are generally wrinkly and shrunk, as happens to the curved nature of that part of the fur in the tanning process.
Joseph Sandro, first mentioned in Real Zebeth strip 52 in the text part, Joseph is a Spirit that I met during my first trip to London, one who passed, and took their afterlife to be staying above the Regency Hotel where he had stayed, living life as one of the birds that he loved so much. I still speak with Him fairly often, a very kind soul, whom I grew a strong connection with while staying at the Ridgemount Hotel right next door. After returning to Canada, I still called out to Him every so often, reminded of Him in my Spiritual journey, and when seeing pigeons and other birds. I then re-connected with Him a little more thoroughly over my next few visits to the UK, and then after fully moving to the country, visited Him at the Regency again, spending some time with Him.

He soon after ascended to Valhalla, through a rather unusual string of connections. I had been speaking with Manjushri, a Buddhist bodhisattva, at the same time as Joseph, which eventually led to the question coming up of where Joseph wished to go, what was He seeking. This led to myself connecting Joseph with Jesus, then Odin, then the Cree Ancestors, and then back to Odin again, where Odin accepted Him into Valhalla to spend his afterlife there. There, He is able to fly like the bird that He's always wanted to be, a humanoid with bird wings, soaring through the clouds, finding His new flock. I still speak with Him there of course as well, seeing where His new wings take Him.
A really rough kolourpaint drawing of a pigeon with the text saying it's gonna be upgraded in a few weeks.

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