Saved again

Wow, I gots stuffs.

hax0rjax, thank you again for like... computering me up here. Shit, I'd basically given up on computers, the like... hoops that I had to jump through before, unhooking the modem, like... my computer was backdoored. The slightest accidental use with the internet on would have sent a flood of my keylogging to a stalker, and like... that is a lot of stress to go under. Anyways, he hooked me up, shit got my old computer (this one) running Linux. Like, I've got two computers here, this shit is incredible!

I have minor problems in that both can't be connected to the internet at the same time, as my data plan when throttled is faster than the available wifi in town. SO, that aside, we have two computers yay :D

Like basically, the Linux one is gonna be used for now, and the Mac will probably be used more down the road.

So yah, we get to get used to this thing for a while. Decent so far. Still mucking with things, but tbh it's primary purpose right now is comic comic comic comic comic.

And lemme drop something down here so you can get into my mindset and stuff, I use the term comic as in like the website. like, in my brain that's what comic is programmed to mean, the whole website. The stuff section, the dragons section, whittling, all that.

Oh crap right, k, so like it looks like my backups ended up being an older version of the whittling page, so I've gotta like hit up and stuff and well, k, I've got like a million staff-related pictures to post, so that's gonna be like the next chunk of time lol.

Yah, I keep my life updated on this site. More or less everything I've made through life is documented in here, I like it. It's my central place where I keep stuff ^_^

Also it's viewable by all, and there's the comic there and stuff, which is going to be the primary appeal of the website lol. But yah I like back up all my stuff here too.

Ahhhhh, thanks again hax0rjax, Zebeth is up and running ^_^ KatieLynne / Kabutroid / dragonmotherk

WOOOOH! So, I have incredible news. So, my friend hax0rjax, whom you'll remember saved my ass with a computer the last time, has once again saved my ass with a computer!
This! This beautifyl piece of machinery here..... now contains Linux.
K, there's also like thiiiis computer, and like.... now I have two computers, and then this other one isn't working, and like... k, there's this whole other back-story here, but like... hax0rjax bailed me out, so that's like the takeaway point here.
So anyway, I owe him my gratitude, I owe him a dragon, and what's this... has Planet Zebeth: The Reawakening begun? Oh damn girl, shit just got real!

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
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