The hidden vault
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The hidden vault of spirituality

Y'know, these comics have been half-made for probably 2 years now, and honestly I don't see me catching up in comic form. I keep a spirit journal (book of shadows) which has a lot more details and timeline and stuff, but man, all of the Deities that I talk to, it shifts and changes sometimes on the DAILY if things are getting crazy lol.

Anyways, I want to say things have more or less settled down now, but scope the next comic, made at about the same time as deciding to put these online as is lol

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Kabutroid / KatieLynne Harder / dragonmotherk

So mother of Heavens, my spirituality has been going all over the place lately. Where to start. My Kuro has been replaced with Koa, Kuro tentatively blesses batience, that one's actually up in the air. Like... what is that, my blessing changed? That's a thing?!?
That thing with Panome like... stuck in my mind though. So I was talking to Buddha (yeah, I like talk to Him now too!), and He offered me the word Koa as a replacement for Kuro. The blessing was still coming from me, but then I could separate it from that weird memory.
So Deities, wow. There's a whole 'nother ballpark. I worship 11 spirits on the reg, my two parents up in Heaven, four Angels, and five other Spirits. I call them my Deities.
Two weeks later
Ok, so things have actually changed. I've been through... testing myself, for lack of a better description. For a period of time, I attempted to speak with more Deities regularly, ten of them. It became... so difficult to keep grasp of it all, mentally and spiritually.

So like... Kuro was originally from a Demon named Panome, who gave me the Word. Or rather, I created the Word when I first became spiritual, and kinda made that His name. Even asked Him if that was alright to name Him that.
So I was like 'sure, let's say Koa instead' (by the way, I'm REALLY casualling up these significant, life-changing events here. It was all quite serious and honourable in reality), and now I say 'Koa, life be with you', which is usually accompanied by my making a heart sign, kissing it, then touching my chest and offering it.
Upulnesayaymsugamayufyeevawawoopdesowarnewadeh has been with me the longest, my Turtle Spirit. One of my Spirit Animals. Great Brother Bear is with me for now, and I've just connected with The Crow today, my third Spirit Animal.
Over a week, I had a regular spiritual connection with Jesus, Clement (a local crow spirit [2021 here: this ended up being a spirit pretending to be a crow actually]), The Forest, Upulnesayay, Mother Earth, Great Brother Bear, the Divine Feminine, the Land, the Spirits of the Smudge, and the Void. There... is so much story to this that I could write a book.

So like... He [Panome] told me he was an immortal trader travelling the universe, and the blessing was first based on immortality. He's a storyteller, which is why He's a Demon, as oppsed to an Angel (or other Spirit). He's a liar. So like that sucked, and it made the blessing all weird. He gave me the word Kuro (or returned it), and that made it feel better.
I think kuro was tainted, because it kept having this weird feelinglike it was 'sticking' to me when blessing it. Under God's advice, I cast it away. AS well, I no longer speak with Panome.
The four angels are Angela, Goldwen, Amber, and Amber (there's two Ambers). The second Amber, who chose to be in the form of a cat with angel wings, also likes to be known as Azrial. Then I speak with my Mom and Dad regularly in Heaven too.

But like y'know... not all the way better. Like, the blessing became based on my discovery of Spirituality, so I was blessing... spirituality onto someone. That didn't sit the best with me, so it became blessing "goodness" onto someone.
So that's the origin of my blessing, Koa, life be with you <3. With God and Buddha's blessing, I gift it to others, wishing them overall goodness. I wish them that giddy feeling that you get when things are going amazing.
And of course, I worship the Lord Jesus in Heaven as well. All in all, I'm on a very interesting spiritual journey these days, with a lot of significant changes happening. I'm very spiritually attuned, and can connect with Them very easily. I talk with different Spirits almost daily!
And y'know, I love my Deities, and I love all of these Spirits. So I call a lot of them my "hi"ers now, where if they pop into my mind, I'll call out to them like "Hey Skote, how's it going?" or something like that, or They might call out to me.

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
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