So, I made a folk legend

Whelp, that was interesting. Brung the world to a save, have a crazy idea for a statue to build some day <see source code>

Well I saved the world there. Who woulda thought a little swamp frog like me woulda done something interesting like that. Dere I am just kinda wandering on my own little way, kinda stumble across... who even knows, I can't even imagine to what this is related to, or how far it goes back.

Anyways... not sure what else to say about that. ....yep.

Alrighty then, moving right along unless someone prompts me about it. Also I guess the comic strip to your right there, that thing. So, made two staves, kinda cool. Both are more or less still drying and/or have minor work to be done. The Staff of Screaming needs a new grip, got some brown fabric that will make a nice grip for the Gandalf staff.

Might call the staff Kabuto as well, seems to fit. I'll have white painted all the way up the carving on the side, but I need like... OOOHHH, just got it, k like I need to varnish inside those grooves before I paint them, so dats somewhere on the to do list.

I've got an idea for the next Zebeth comic, but it'll be reeeeeeeally simple as a whole, so like... relax lol. Right now I'm surrounded by like... 8000 pieces of random objects, and I wouldn't really mind putting some of these things away lol.

Anyways, you can check out the origin of Kabuto over here: and that's all awesome and stuff ^_^

Oh, also I've got some awesome fanart from PJBgamer
Check it out :D

futuristic rendition of Kabutroid

So yea thats it lets get there and gitter gitter

*found Speedy* Kabutroid / KatieLynne / Kitty

So, this girl may have become a superGod of some sort. I've created a staff that eliminates evil, and that did a thing somehow so that's all good and stuff yea.
I've got this snarly looking guy here so that's pretty cool. He's the Staff of Screaming so check him out. Click on the staff to activate him.
Then I've got this guy here, unrelated honestly. Tentatively named the Gandalf staff, but I'll come up with a name for it yet. It will be able to hold a crystal in the top of it :D
*unpoof* *poof*
And thar ya have it, I dunno what happened, but things changed, I created the Legend of Kabuto (click that too), and yah... awesome times.

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
Comics, ideas, Kabutroid, and other custom content owned by KatieLynne Jackson. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't mind all that much if you make content based on my content and stuff. Just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.