Oh my goodness, it feels good to be alive again! You wouldn't believe how happy my hands were to be holding my carving tools again, sitting crosslegged on the bed on heavy canvas tarp, shaving slips of wood from the branch pieces. Hours passed, and I barely noticed if at all. My arm... actually felt not too bad the next day strangely, but I'd decided to take that day off to avoid stressing things, but then the day *after*, WOW did my arm kill me. Took a little bit of time for that muscle up there, tricep I think, underside of the upper arm, WOW that was sore the day after, could barely get my arm above my head. Still not the most pleasant feeling now (the day after after), so I'll stick with sewing today. Still got plenty of that to do, I've got to sew up all the little holes in what is becoming the pouch for the Teeth of Dahlver-Nar. I actually forgot to get brushes when picking up more paint for the Charm of Many Things, a project which has been worked on in tandem with this one, so the final painting of that will wait until the next time we're out shopping.

But yes! My tools are out, I've replaced a lost earring at long last, after having stumbled across some additional light pink chainmaille rings, so thankfully I was able to get this set to be a pair again. I've finished our 3 headed dragon David, Alice, and Pahpiw a little while ago, and have mucked with a handful of other minor things here and there, we've got our carving on, we've got our sewing on, it's finally coming together again ^_^

Kabutroid and Abby

We are making comics, we are doing carving, we are doing sewing, we are even hitting the chainmaille a little bit!
Oh my goodness, you would not BELIEVE how good it feels to be getting into making things again after having been asleep for so long! My arm is killing me from carving, and I don't even mind!
So it has been incredible. My tools! My beautiful tools are out! My knives have bitten into wood again! My pliers have gripped steel! I feel so alive!!!!

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