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Upper body strength rocks

Ok, well it wasn't so much Samus than it was Kraid who solved the problem. Course, look at the size of his arms. He can do helluva lot more damage than Samus could.

Yeah, I can hear you all screaming about the power armour that Samus has on, and how it could punch through... but them doors are just tough. After all, in the game, if you run into a door, which should do much more damage than a regular punch, it still doesn't open. Hence, we need Kraid, with his claw-like fingers to crack that bitch open.

I'll distract him... get that door open.
Hmm... how to do this...
What to do... what to do...
Any time now...
Ok, seriously... think faster.
I suppose I could... nah, that wouldn't work.
Of course! I can punch it open!

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