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Connectivity issues

Strip 204: Connectivity issues

Ahh, go making fun of people who call tech support...

Yeah... I later realized that having 5-year old modem drivers probably didn't help the connection.
copy files from > c:\planetzebeth\terrain\bush.dat
Let's just change that...
> c:\my downloads\crap\poplar.dat
*clack* *clack*
Course, downloading music at the same time probably didn't help either...
Ahh... it's done downloading "Down with the sickness", now get me "Voices".
That, and having half a dozen things running in the background...
Lessee... Winamp's going, upload still there sorta, Imesh is searching, so's Kazaa, CD's burning... time for some Sim City.
*clack* *clack* *click*
Y'know... being in dial-up tech support, I probably could have avoided this if I tried.
Whaddya MEAN connection dropped?!? Retry you son of a bitch!

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