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Let there be poplar-bush!

Strip 206: Let there be poplar-bush!

And now you know... the rest of the story.

I kinda forgot about it for a while in general there. What can I say? I have a ton of good DVD's.
... Transfer complete ... Action? > r ... Transfer complete ... Action? > r ... Transfer complete ... Action? > r ... I said it's fucking complete already! ... Action? > r ... Oh come on... press "X" for exit already!!! ... Action? > r ... God damnit, I hate you so much... Action? > r ... Transfer complete... again ... action? > r ...
So, three days and 15 someodd DVD's later...
Woah... it actually worked. Damn... that was unexpected. Well, I guess I can untape that "R" button now.
Please kill me ... Action? > r ... Please kill me ...
So, at that point, I threw the added poplar-bush data over in this area and used the regular bush to... wha?
HEY! Are you sleeping during the story?!?
*gzzt* Huh? Wha? No, no, I caught it, I caught it, just shut the hell up already.

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