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Alliance v.2

And so we have another plot twist. The horribly-beaten and battered Geruta together with Crocomire Hunter? Bwahahaha. Bet you can't wait to see where this goes.

Damnit, where the hell ARE these booze-crops? I've been flying for hours.
Hey man.
Go to hell for saving my life.
Ahh... still bitter I see.
Crikey, finally! Someone I recognize!
GAH! Oh, it's only you.
Can you help me shut down the bar?
Maybe after I destroy all but a small bit of Ridley's crops for bait.
Will that take down the bar?
Well, you see, if I destroy the crops, I break their spirits. If I break their spirits, I'm one step closer to BREAKING THEIR NECKS!
So... you're taking down Ridley's bar?
Yyy... kinda...
Good enough for me!

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