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Strip 267: Choir Link to Ochi Chernye on YouTubeLink to Uralskaya Ryabina.

Originally had text about trying to translate it if you can here, only for me to come along while transcribing the comic here, and did it for you. Enjoy :D

A short time later
Crimineys, where in the hell did all the enemies disappear to? And why do I hear music? I didn't think I was THAT insane...
-In Russian- ♫ Dark eyes, flaming eyes, they implore me into faraway lands, where love reigns, where peace reigns, where there is no suffering, where war is forbidden. ♫
No, wait... I definitely hear something...
Excellent rendition of Ochi chernye. Next we'll try Uralskaya Ryabina.
I know that voice...
What the hell???
Samus! Bout frickin' time you came back to report the results.
Uhh, report, yeah.
But first up, I have some missiles to refill.
Oh GOD no!

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