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More to Geruta's plot

Strip 272: More to Geruta's plot

Moreso just moving plot along than anything else right now. Although I gotta say... Geruta's pretty good when it comes to thinking under pressure.

Meanwhile in the back
Ow... damn kitchenware. Where'd that storage room with Ridley's remaining booze supply go?
Ok, I keep hearing voices SOMEWHERE around here...
ACK! It's Ridley! Gotta hide, gotta hide...
Gotta be in one of these rooms. How about THIS one.
Ack... no time!
*swoop* *grab* *flip* *SPLASH*
Hmm... nothing here except a pile of half-done dishes... damn lazy enemies.
And a mysterious gurgle, but given what I serve here, that's not too uncommon.
*glub* *blorp*
That either.

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