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Mystical forces

Strip 275: Mystical forces

... what he came up with is debatable...

Moments earlier
Ahh, so Ridley has his fixtures inset into the walls. Very space-saving. Let's run a hose from this sucker to the doorways there.
20 minutes later
DAMNIT! Ridley must have some form of... unknown force active here, mystically removing the water. What else could POSSIBLY explain why the room's not flooding?
Ok, you know what? That water sound is REALLY starting to get on my nerves. I'm checking it out again.
Yeah, do that. It's making me have to take a leak, big-time.
Oh, thanks for the information Kraid. Really needed to hear that.
Oh, wait... never mind... seems to have stopped now. Eh, problem solved.
Well in that case, top me up captain.
Umm, you sure that's wise?
You underestimate the powers of fat, my friend.

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