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The morbidly obese

Strip 277: The morbidly obese

Eh, a tad predictable, but with any luck the next little while won't be.

So... whaddya think we'll find?
I'm guessing something happened to the booze plan.
Scratch thet last word.
Eh, sure.
-Employees Only - this means only Ridley-
Should we go back there?
Don't see why not... I store my pogs back there. That sign's mainly for the enemies.
Several doors later
No... way...
You CAN'T be serious!
-Caution: Deep Fryer area - extremely hot
*thunk* *thud*
Damn you morbidly obese body, I wanna SLIDE!
C'mon, move it fatass, you're holding up the line.
*hop* *hop*

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