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Cause and effect

Strip 304: Cause and effect

That's about the first thing I would have tried myself, but yeah... Kraid would be just a tad unwieldy...

Whoa, well, umm, would you look at the time. I've got some serious bug-fixing to do here, so I'll see you later, and don't let her die. Bye!
Uhh, ok... so whaddya wanna do with that mess?
Y'got me. We could try throwing it into another glitch and see what happens.
But those tend to appear randomly. It's not like we know when they're coming.
Oh, yes we do. It started right after you got a glitched item.
So why aren't you hitting her with the glitch of you? I figured that'd be a given.
It's a very little known fact that I'm very unwieldy.
*swish* *WHAM*

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