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The inner-inner mind (thanks Feyerbrand)

Strip 314: The inner-inner mind (thanks Feyerbrand)

Hey... just because Feyerbrand gave me the idea from the shoutbox.

... but what lies inside the mind's mind?
Let's delve deeper...
I must say, there's nothing quite like a rousing game of chess, eh Cedric?
Quite right Cecil. Much more stimulating than rotting away in front of the telly.
Why Cecil... dreadfully sorry, but I believe I've placed your king in checkmate.
Quite alright dear Cedric, but now I'll have to DEVOUR YOUR MORTAL SOUL!
Wait, what was that last thing you said.
*ahem* Many apologies Cedric, pay it no mind. I had a bit of a pain in my gulliver, changing my voice.
Quite alright then.

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