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This looks familiar

Strip 344: This looks familiar

Thanks to Brightstar, I've been informed of a mistake I made here, due to an unusual combination of saving at unusual times, and most likely being tired.

Therefore... some of ZR388's data is corrupt... seeing as it's on Kabutroid's hard drive, and not exactly looked after that well. And hey, it adds to the humour, so deal with it :P

*sigh* Well... at least if I get the ice beam... that means Kraid can't. Might as well backtrack since I've cleared this area of missiles and this FREAKIN' USELESS ICE BEAM!
Some backtracking later
Sweeeet. A similar room, but an actual locked door. That's GOTTA be a good sign.
YES! I've pretty uch found all the crap I already have, so GIVE ME SOMETHING USEFUL DAMNIT!
*lunge* *click* *bwam*
*sob* God I could use a drink...

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