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New ideas...

Strip 349: New ideas...

And now the plotline moves along significantly faster from here on...

Much digging later
*toss* *tink* *thunk*
GAH! God I'm glad to be out of that deathtrap. This planet sucks.
I dunno... Almost trapped in a room with Samus? I can think of worse fates.
I hope you're crushed by the next cave-in!
Ok, everyone unhurt and accounted for?
God I love having armour.
God I love having a thick, spiny back.
So I felt the most pain of us all. That... that's super. I hate you both.
Sooo... what now?
I plan to look for better bar material. You guys can do whatever you want.
... well damn... like what?
WOOH! Mass killing rampage of death and destruction!
Like that for example.

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