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Earthquakes aplenty

Strip 355: Earthquakes aplenty

Well, first up, let me explain a bit about Metroid 2. After you kill all the Metroids in a given area, there's an earthquake.
The earthquake basically lowers the lava level that you will most likely have previously passed by or over, allowing you to go to the next area of the game, where you kill more Metroids, etc, etc. So anytime I make a mention of an earthquake, that means that the lava has dropped, and you get to go to the next area.

Moments later
Ahh... that was entertaining.
When Samus says that all those flying Metroid-looking things die, she means...
*rumble* *shake* *rumble* *vibrate*
Ok, seriously... what the hell keeps doing that every so often?
Why are you asking me? How in the hell should I know?!?
DAMNIT! I had JUST gotten the hang of getting my way out of this pit, and then that damn earthquake shook me down to the bottom of it again! Well... time to start over...

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