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Getting somewhere

Strip 369: Getting somewhere

Just a little catchup, and once again seeing how little "Unspawny" is doing (thanks for the name Kef-Meister).

And so they continued...
*toing* *toing* *toing*
You know... the reason I haven't stopped you is because I can say you've been bouncing around on top of me all day from now on.
... DAMNIT!!!
... and wrangled...
EEEEHEHEHEHEHE! Look at him squirm!
... and searched...
*gasp* What's this?!? Can it be... actual brick?!? YES! THE RUMOURS ARE TRUE!!!
... and plotted.
... maybe a launched spike hurtling her INTO the lava... hmmmm...
-When I respawn, I will show you a new definition of PAIN!

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