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Thank you Spider-crawl

Keep in mind that Samus or Kraid doesn't know that Crocomire Hunter doesn't know about the Spider-ball (or in Croc's case, Spider-crawl) item. And yes... I will eventually explain why it works without ball form. It's just not time yet.

HAH! YES! I think I got 'em!
*hop* *fwoosh* *fwoosh*
Which one?
Bah, who cares which one. Let's go check the carnage. Croc-boy's teamed up with the Metroids anyway.
O...kay... I'll just take your word for it.
Hmm... well, there's flying Metroid thing 'splodey stuff on the ground... but I'm not seeing any remnants of Crocomire Hunter.
Well, he HAS lived through a lot. Maybe he ran off.
-Ok... if there's any form of god out there... PLEASE have her not look up...
But still... he's not the fastest thing on earth. Where in the hell could he get to THAT fast?!?

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