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The retelling of vacation

Strip 389: The retelling of vacation

Yeah, this might piss people off who have been waiting to see what I'm planning to do with the Omega Metroid, but hey... other strips have tried things like retelling some of what's happened in their life, and I really enjoyed those... so I'll give it a try.

There we go. Paused and paused. Time for some sweet, sweet vacation.
Two weeks later
*stretch* Ahh... that was some sweet, sweet vacation indeed. Now... what's the best way to tell everyone what happened...
AHA! Of course! THAT'S the ticket! I'll impart the details of my vacation in my "catchup" strips. If people don't like it... they'll read it anyway... becayse they will be inexplicably drawn to it anywa. BWAHAHA!

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