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Beware the claws

Strip 397: Beware the claws

I should probably explain myself. I really didn't know what to put into frame 4 there without kinda running into the next strip, or it just kinda doing nothing... so I figured a few cameo appearances would be interesting. Ahh, Psy and Dr. Boris... the inevitable cameos :P

Ok, so I've got a plan then. Basically... straight and to the point. I throw the enemy at him to distract him, then... we rush him.
Sounds good. Prepare yourself for our imminent victory already. And...
YAAAAH! *toing* *hop* *ka-click*
4.7 seconds later...
Oh god... the pain. THE PAIN!
The claws... the claws...
Ok... your plan sucks. At least the fat enemy will keep him off of us for a few minutes.
-Ehehe... claws
Well... 'bout time she's off that damn vacation thing. Course, she's using filler frames now...
Can I come out now Psy? Huh?

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