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Taking bets

Hehe... go betting on time gaps between and during error messages. It's like turning a 386 with windows 95 into a drinking game or something. Every time it crashes, take a shot. See how many programs you can open :P

Midway through week 2
Whup, there it goes again. I say... three minutes.
No way, I give at least an hour and a...
Drive Status Error
I/O Error
Kernel Panic
Fatal exception
In interrupt
In interrupt handler
- not syncing
Whoa, that was a fast one.
Whaddya think? 36 seconds sound like a new record?
I think a few days ago we had a 28'er.
Oh yeah, that one. Yeah, that was damn fast too.
Well... I'm going with about 5 minutes before it tries to go away again.
No way... it's been going pretty hard for the last while. It's gotta be tired by now. I give a half-hour at least.

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