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Feelin' fine

Sorry for the text-heavyness, but I wasn't about to cram this into two strips.

Also, I wanted to repeatedly illustrate that said plan of genius was not actually shown to you yet >:}

But... that aside, leave us to continue the previously discussed plan with said chunk o' ZR388 scrap material.
Oohh, you mean the scrap, upon which hearing the plan for, made me quiver in unending anticipation?
The very same plan indeed.
YES! I can't WAIT to see said plan, that being the only one previously discussed fully in detail just a short time earlier, come to fruition as the results will amount to no less than absolute, flawless perfection.
*zoom* *push*
That it will indeed. So perfect is said fully detailed plan that it will absolutely generate a successful outcome.
Indeed... indeed.
. . . . . .
So umm... anyone else feel perfectly fine?
No, actually I have this ceaseless feeling of horror at the moment.
Dang, me too. I was hoping to trick myself into thinking otherwise.

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