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White puffy stuff

And Kraid's brilliant intelligence shines through once again.

*shudder* Sweet merciful CRAP but I feel cold. Why the hell do I feel so cold?!?
I went to check it out. The surface is frickin' freezing. You were there for hours.
And MY suit protects me. AHAHAHAHAHA!
Oh stop gloating. Does anyone know WHY it's frickin' freezing on the surface?
If it's anything like other planets I've been to... it's winter.
Snow and cold.
Damnit, this sucks. Zebes never had this crap.
Yeah, but Zebes never had a bar.
Touché. And I'm quite enjoying this "hot toddy". Warminating.
Thank you.
So have you learned your lesson?
You'd better believe it. It'll be LONG before...
Hey guys! White puffy stuff on the surface! Wanna go play in it?
WOOH! Count me in!
*toss* *splash* *run*

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