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Yeah... he's been there the entire time. You can assume that he's had provisions with him to keep him from... y'know... dying of thirst and hunger :P

Two weeks later
Damnit god damnit hellspawn crap hell damn crap hell! I wanna go out in the white puffy stuff, but I CAN'T!
We told you 13 days ago it's SNOW!
*whoosh* *CRUNCH*
Dear GOD you guys are boring. Now, I'm hungry, and I can barely move my arms after the past two weeks... so I'm leaving until you start doing someting research-worthy.
Ok man... did that actually just happen, or am I going stark-raving mad from the cabin-fever?
...That's it, I'm closing the bar for a while. LEt's get outta here.
Can I take the booze?
No stealing my glasses.

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