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Reasons to leave

If there's one thing that'll get Kraid outta the bar... it's fear of death by snow :P

Much walking later
Maaaan, not a single enemy was in our path on the way back! What the hell?!?
Eh, word probably got out that we're mowing everything down.
Besides, we're almost at the bar. I'm sure Samus will lend you some... some... BAHAHAHA! Sorry man... couldn't keep a straight face through all of that.
Yeah, thanks, I feel a lot better now. Appreciate it.
Ahhh, yeah... that was good. But seriously, you're not getting another tab for a while now. Maybe just drink less or something.
Pfft, I need a VALID option man, VALID!
Oh, hey, look at that. There's option three... avoid the bar for a while and get some mre cash.
Pfft, pansy.
*foom* *bvwee*

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