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Feigning sarcasm

... Yes, it means "commonly done" :P

Oh, come on guys... you know me better than this! I mean seriously... it's not like this isn't something that's not done never lots with me.
Umm... yeah. You catch that Ridley?
Oh MAN Samus... you don't understand? Only an IDIOT would have that just fly over their head.
Oh, uh... yeah, yeah, I got it, don't worry about me. Just checkin' to see if Ridley caught it.
Eh, what? Of COURSE I got it Samus! I just figured it was so blatant that I needn't add anything additional to the conversation.
Yes, well... very good then. We're all in agreement of the meaning then.
Yes, of course.
-Damnit... I can't look like the only stupid one. I've just gotta assume it was all sarcasm.
-Cripes, I can't be the idiot of the group. I'm guessing it's an inside joke I forgot.

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