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Disgusting tasks

Before you say anything, the others were staying frozen because they were killed by mangling and then their corpses were frozen. This guy was alive when frozen, so until such time he dies by tunneling, Samus would have to keep re-freezing him when he thaws.

Awww, crap-hell. Sounds like they're digging through the makeshift door. I'm gonna have to shove tubby here aside to get some room to maneuver around.
*shove* *zzzz*
*scratch* *dig*
Ok, I've got a plan that'll at least slow em down for a bit. Ridley, ask the dishwashers if they have any clue what the hell is going on out there.
On it.
*snore* *snort*
YES! Guys, our disgusting task is complete! I've reached the other...
*bwam* *freeze*
Aw MAN! Now I've gotta tunnel through Steve too?!?
I can keep this up for a while. Someone wake up Stupid McNo-cold so we can come up with a plan to stop these guys.

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