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Tabasco stomach-buster

I wanted to name it using a term that pretty much everyone will recognize. And I know first-hand that any drink involving tabasco (Prairie-fire anyone?) will indeed have the effect that Ridley is looking for.

Well... that was entertaining, AND a learning experience. Go practicing my... thing... that I do and stuff.
Man, that sounds wrong on SO many levels.
And CRIPES but my feet are cold. Any chance of getting a drink to warm me up there Rid?
One "tabasco stomach-buster" coming up.
So what's this new thing you can do?
Kraid? New thing? Helloooo.
I dunno. Cool-sounding name I came up with for some weird hot pepper stuff I made. If this doesn't warm yoru mouth, nothing will.
*clink* *pour* *shake*
But... but my feet are cold.
Then drink more, I don't know. Just try the damn experimental stuff so I can see if you go blind or not.
Ehh, whatever.

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