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Shoulda taken the job

If you're curious about the last frame... it's a subtle nod to the greatest "ORLY" owl in existence:

20 minutes later
"It'll be a good job", they said. "You'll have steady work for a long time", they said. Y'know, I'd have been a lot less enthusiastic about the job if they told me "You're piecing together a window that's in a million pieces".
"Take the job", he said. "I can't do it because of carpal tunnel syndrome", he said. Yeah, gee... I wonder what friggin' gave it to him.
Elsewhere nearby
Eheheheh. Union said if I can't do it, find someone who can. Poor Fred. Well, that's what he gets for beating me at billiards.
<Oh, look... our first sight of food since we managed to sneak away!>
<Let's kill it as painfully as possible.>
<I agree.>
Ohhh blaarggag.

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