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Slow progression

Yep... mainly just wanted those fellas to be out of the exact same spot. And it's entirely possible if you think about it. Boxy kinda bounces upwards with his neck muscles, kicks the ceiling of the box, and ever so slowly inches forwards. Only crappy part is that he had to land on his head every hop :P

Much walking later
Yeah... a nice cold vodka would hit the spot.
C'mon, hop faster damnit!
*hop* Ah shaddup! You're not trying to hop on your freakin' HEAD!
Yep, booze. *toing*
OW! That freakin' HURT, ya jerk!
If you're gonna pile-drive his stupid head into the ground, at least give us a push!
Sure as hell not falling for that 'stomach blaster' or whatever again though. MAN but that was a nightmare I'd rather not relive.
Who you calling stupid?
YOU, ya stupid idiot!
Hey, at least I'm fully spawned, ya incorporeal loser!
Oh, go to hell!
Ahh... beloved boozehole. It's been way too long since I last entered...
Aaaaand that doesn't bode well.

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