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If you're wondering how the end of Kraid's line is supposed to go, it's "What you don't know about *whatever* could fill a barn/cargo plane/anything large." It's a common line with many variations.

Now c'mon Samus, let's get out of his room and find something to cheer you up.
*sniff* Yeah... I guess... *grab*
C'mon, now I know for a FACT that Ridley's got some apple cider hiding behind his bar that will sooth the tears. I found his secret non-alcohol-based stash there a while back.
Really? Man, just when you think you know a person, they turn out to not be an alcoholic.
*toing* Yeah, well what you don't know about us could fi...iind it's way into a nice conversation over some of that apple cider... yeah. That works.
...That was quite possibly the strangest *sniff* sentence I've heard in a while... but the apple *sniffle* cider sounds nice.
*toing* *punch* *bvwee*
C'mon Samus, if we take much longer, my mind will make me stop pretending like this is a date with you.
Huh? Uhh, yeah, whatever. I'll catch up with you in a minute.

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