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Suitless strength

It's not called a 'power suit' for nothing.

And DAMNIT, I swear every single time I tried to spell 'suit', I kept accidentally typing it as 'stui'.

Ok Kraid... you know the drill. We're getting across this sucker, because I refuse to deny my curiosity.
If 'the drill' is what I remember it is, I'm pretty sure I hated it then, and I'm ALSO pretty sure I hate it now.
Oh shutup you pansy. Now get your spikes ready, and hop onto my back for a piggy-back ride across the blistering hot frontier.
*sigh* Ok, but the only reason I'm doing this is because you asked me... and you're suitless.
*toing* Upsie-daisy!
*step* Umm... craphell. Ok, before you blast me into more pieces than the both of us can count combined, I'd like to take this moment to remind you that you ASKED me to do that.
My spine... my poor, poor spine. What did it ever do to you? GOD you need a diet.

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and the rest of 'em are all property of Nintendo, who to my knowledge wouldn't do anything such as sue me or shut poor Planet Zebeth down, because they're so damn nice, and Metroid kicks ass : }
This particular comic strip was made solely by me, by that happy little program known as KolourPaint. Yes, the one that everyone runs in fear from. That's why the comic looks the way it does.