Worse than sunburn

Oh no, don't leave on OUR account. After all, WE'RE the newcomers. Just give me a moment alone to speak with my FRIEND here.
Sure, no problem.
Ah crap, she called me a friend. This never ends well.
C'mon... FRIEND... let's go have a word.
Aw man, TWICE she called me frie... OW! Watch the burn! *SHOVE* *hop*
Move it or lose it. Sorry about this, we'll be back in a minute.
Quite alright, I'm in no rush.
But Samus... what about the GerutaAAAUGH!
Their complaining, much like your TALKING, made me forget myself... kinda like NOW!
What a nice peson.
There we go, now where were we? Oh yes, we were introducing ourselves. I'm Samus, and the very loud idiot behind me is Kraid.
I'm guessing that's another inside joke?
Yes yes, just ignore him.

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