Don't worry, be happy

This... is going to turn out less than happily :P

Much eating later And we've had yet another great Trabnagian feast. I think we can call this a success.
Well, except I'm still hungry.
Shh, we all are. We'll have another one after the large one goes back to his home.

So... full...
Huh, wuzzat over there? Oh, we were just atlking about... umm... how we wish that your friend Samus was here to join us.
Eh, when she gets like that, it's just best to leave her alone.
*loathe* *grumble* *curse* *grumble* *scour* *scorn* *HATE* *rage* *hate* *misery* *hate* *misery* *seethe* *fume*
*munch* *munch*
Dont' worry, I know her well. She'll be happy as a clam and wanting to hang out with you guys as soon as she gets back from eating.
Well... that bush IS dry and tasteless.
You guys worry too much.

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