Useless wishes

Oh Kraid... couldn't you at least give them a hopeful demise.

Hey Kraid... what's that fast, orangy-red thing?
Crap. Umm... hope everyone here had a good life and stuff.
That's... less than encouraging.
*BWAM* *fwoosh*
Damn you, inability to jump. C'mon, if there's a higher power, give me Sidehopper legs.
Oh, don't worry. Samus would just shoot you again if she missed the first time.
That's... also not encouraging.
Well... if that higher power is out there, may it give me the ability to pass through the ground.
Actually, she can use bombs that'll hit you before you can get too deep!
Umm... Kraid? Not that I'm complaining, but is there any particular reason that I'm still alive?
If she ran out of missiles, or isn't wanting to waste them, she'll likely just freeze you shortly and shatter you with another frozen minion.
Ok, maybe we should just stop talking to Kraid.

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